Kids Love It

Your children will love the scooTow. And so will you. They can scoot 'til they drop. And you can both have fun getting them home safely.

No Tools Needed

The scooTow is easy to fit. You won't need any tools. Just a simple key. And we'll supply that. Fitting takes just a couple of minutes. And you only need do it once.

Always Available

Once fitted, the scooTow folds down neatly. So it stays on your child's scooter. And you know it'll be there. Whenever you need it.

Keep 'em Safe

Crossing the road. Going downhill. Towing a tired child home. No worries, with scooTow's rigid handle, scooter and child are always safely under your control.

scooTow is an extension handle for your child's scooter, which allows you to tow them along comfortably when they get tired or lose their confidence. scooTow is the ideal scooter accessory for any Mini Micro scooter.

The handle stays on your scooter all the time - just lift it up to pull your child along and flip it back down when they are ready to zoom off again. The handle pivots for a comfortable towing position, however tall or short you are.

scooTow is the safer way to cross the road with a scooter - unlike a scooter strap, its rigid handle means that the scooter will stop at the kerb when you do.

scooTow has been designed specifically for use with the Mini Micro scooter.