scooTow – the smart way to tow your little scooter

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy one?

Just click ... here.

Why buy scooTow?

  • scooTow is the smart way to tow your little scooter
  • No need to bend down or lean over
  • Help novice scooters build confidence
  • Stop safely at roads
  • Push a buggy at the same time – cut down on car journeys to nursery or school
  • Just flip down the handle when not in use – no need to remove

Do I need to assemble anything?

No, the handle comes ready assembled. Although obviously you need to attach it to the scooter! Our easy-to-follow instructions are on the fitting page.

What about when we don’t need it?

When your little one is not using scooTow, you can lower the handle into its stowing position, flat against the upright part of your scooter. Flip up to tow, flip down to go!
If you feel that your child no longer needs scooTow, you can take it off for storing until the next child needs it.

Will it stop my back & shoulders hurting?

The scooTow has been tested by parents ranging in height from 5’0” to 6’4” and they all say it makes towing a scooter much more comfortable. (But clearly this isn’t going to magically fix a serious medical problem!)

What happens when I stop walking?

Since the scooTow towing handle is rigid, it stops when you stop. This makes crossing roads much safer than it is without a handle, or with something flexible like a strap or dog lead.

What about turning corners?

As the handle is rigid the scooter turns when you do. Again, we think this is much smarter than tying a strap to the scooter.

Can I go downhill?

Yes! Unlike a flexible strap, the rigid scooTow handle enables you to tow a child and scooter down modest hills (we’re not talking Everest here) without them overtaking you.

Is it safe to use when crossing the road?

scooTow has been designed specifically to help when crossing roads. The rigid handle means that the scooter will stop at the kerb when you do. Whilst crossing the road you are able to remain standing upright and focused on the traffic, not stooped over and distracted.

Will it fit our scooter?

scooTow has been designed specifically for the bestselling Mini Micro scooter.

How long will my child need it for?

As scooTow has been designed not to affect the performance of the scooter you can leave it on as long as you want, just in case you get the odd occasion when even big scooters need a little help.

Can I reuse the handle?

Yes, simply undo the screws and fix it onto another scooter.