scooTow – the smart way to tow your little scooter

Privacy Policy

We aim to be totally fair and transparent about how we handle your personal data. 

When you purchase a scooTow towing handle, you payment details will be collected by the retailer (Amazon, Micro Scooters etc) and your card provider, but not by scooTow.

The only information which scooTow receives is your delivery details.

The handles are packaged up and sent out by our manufacturer in Shropshire, which is called CEL Group. CEL are a specialist engineering firm with a solid reputation. You can read their privacy policy at:

If you contact scooTow with a customer service query, we will make a log of of your question, to make sure that we are correctly following up on any potential issues.

We do not believe in sending marketing messages to past customers - since a scooTow is not typically a repeat purchase, we feel that this would only annoy people!

scooTow is not the sort of business which is required or allowed to register with the Information Commissioner's Office. Nonetheless we aim to follow their guidelines and to respect our customers' privacy.

Please do let us know if you have any queries about how we handle your personal data, by contacting us at

You may also wish to review the information contained in our page about Cookies.