scooTow – the smart way to tow your little scooter

Here's what scooTow users think!

A brilliant review from Abigail in London:

'Not only is the scooTow the most fabulous product I think I have ever bought for a child, but so is your customer service!!  Thank you so much for saving me and my back, and for saving tantrums to nursery every day!! I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know!  It literally changed my life for 2 years!!!!'

What a lovely review of scooTow on Amazon:

Here's what some scooTow customers have been saying:

  • "Betsy loves her @scooTow! x" - Denise van Outen
  • "scooTow has revolutionised our trip to nursery" - Sarah, London
  • "It is a pleasure being able to pull the scooter from a straight standing position rather than bent double. It works perfectly for both me and my husband who is 6'2" - Sarah, London
  • "The girls love their new scooTow!" - Liane, London

Wise words from Amazon:

The reviewers at Bambino Goodies wrote: 'Due to its rigidity, you have even more control and can tow downhill without it whizzing ahead like it would on a strap. It stops when you stop and moves when you move. Towing has saved us on a number of occasions when the kids have insisted on bringing out their scooters and then run out of steam. Definitely worth not wrecking your arms or back!'

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